Transforming Landscapes

Ongoing Intervention / photografic project

ups and downs 1

Kinetic Installation, 5 manipulated 7m airtubes, that rise and fall in regular intervals.
This artwork is commissioned by the Wild Bits technological art exhibition at Maajaam (Estonia) as part of the main programme of European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024.


Fragile, 36 coloured wooden plates a 30x40 cm.


Installation, water, flagpole, spray nozzles, water pump. It was exhibited during Hamburger Kultursommer in public Space, 2021, Hamburg, Germany.

swarm 2 / 2022 / Iceland

Windsculpture / permanent Installation in public space.
Made of 1000 cutley knives, fishing lines in an oversea container frame. Hamburg, Germany, 2020

swarm 2 / 2020 / Hamburg

Windsculpture / Installation in public space.
Made of 1000 cutley knives, fishing lines in an oversea container frame. Hamburg, Germany, 2020


Competition / “refuge”, winning design.
The walkable Installation was shown in public space in spring 2021 in Toronto, Canada.

the respective room

Installation at “Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof” in 2020, Hamburg, Germany.


Installation made for the intervention: access point, harbour Hamburg, Gemany, 2017.

make some noise!!!

Winning design at the competition winterstations.
It is an Interactive Installation that was shown in public space, at the Beaches in Toronto, Canada in 2017.

swarm 1 / 2015 / Iceland

Windsculpture, Installation made of 1000 cutlery knives, fishing lines, container-sized wooden frame. Siglufjörður, Iceland, 2015

dentro del tiempo 1

Installation, stripes of rescue foil.
Made in a ruin in Rota, Spain in 2017.

hidden treasure

Installation, Bitum on chipboard made for Obenstadt, Hamburg rooftop days in 2022.

ups and downs 2

Kinetic Installation, as part of the solo show: Transforming Landscapes I at Mundhalle, Gemany, 2023.

oil on canvas 2

Oil on canvas II, waste oil, 6 waterpumps, canvas, 160cm x 120cm • collection Brutus, Atelier van Lieshout, Rotterdam, Netherlands

access point 2

Installation made of Bitum in cooperation with Obenstadt as part of an investigation residency at Goethe Institut, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2022.


Lightinstallation made of 32 programmed and dimmable fluorescent tubes as part of Poetry of Translation, 2021, Kunsthaus Merano, Italy.

prospects 4.8.

2 walkable Installations as part of the show: prospects 4.8. in A5 museum, Chengdu, China, 2019.

oil on canvas 1

oil on canvas I, kinetic Installation, part of solo show: pure simulation, Faktor, Hamburg, 2018.

invalid borders

„invalid borders“, kinetic Installation, Faktor, Hamburg Germany, 2018.


Floating, kinteic Installation.
Shown at: Kapriole: Licht, temporary Gallery, Hamburg, Germany, 2012 and at Yicca, Lugano, Italy, 2013

untitled 2

Kinetic Installation, (temporary) White paper Gallery , Leipzig, Germany, 2017

pure simulation

pure simulation, solo show, exhibition views, Faktor, Hamburg, Germany, 2018.

dentro del tiempo

Solo Exhibition: Dentro del Tiempo after a 1 month Residency, Rota, Spain, 2017.

geometrical lights

geometrical lights, flat Installations for Emerging Artists at Art Fair, Messehallen, Hamburg, Germany, 2015.



Booty clap

Installation, shown at the exhibition: The Rectangle in its natural environment, at:White Paper Gallery, Leipzig, Germany, 2013

Glauben / Wissen

Video work as part of the exhibition: Glauben / Wissen.
Speckaus, Gängeviertel, Hamburg, Germany, 2013


Installation by 210klappen for Fusion Fesitval at Tubebox, Lärz, Germany, 2013.

19468 vinyl sequins

Making of the decoration we did for the fusion festival in lärz/germany, for the fassade of the “tubebox”. Fusion Festival, Lärz, Germany, 2014

Dream in porcelain

Dream in porcelain, Collage, 2010

14 Segments

14 Segments // NO BORDER
Light Installation by 210klappen, Exhibition: Brave new world,Messehallen, Hamburg, Germany, 2015

15,3 m3 glow

15,3 m3 glow, interactive Installation by 210klappen for A Summer´s Tale, Festival in Lohmühlen, Germany, 2016.

Reinfall // flop

Installation and painting, Hamburg, Germany, 2012


Installation at Kapriole, Hamburg, Germany 2012.
Rotating motor, ping pong and thread.


eruptions, intervention on a gravel plant, Hamburg, Germany, 2014

wenn uns jemand hört, sag wir haben kurz Luft geschnappt

Video work for a soundpiece of Gregory Büttner, Westwerk, Hamburg, Germany, 2012

Babylon System

Installation for Babylon System, Frappant, Hamburg Germany, 2011.

was weiss ich schwarz 1

was weiss ich schwarz 1, exhibition at Speckhaus, Hamburg, Germany, 2011

was weiss ich schwarz 2

was weiss ich schwarz 2, exhibition at Galerie Linda, Hamburg, Germany 2012


Meatscapes, Collage, 2009