ups and downs

“ups and downs” is an Installation created for the Wildbits project.
Wild Bits is an exhibition concept that proposes a temporary art park in the wilderness. The exhibition explores converging points of people, technology and nature. Neeruti, Estland.
In 2022 it was also part of Magenta Landscape Art Festival in Kaunas, Lithuania
It consists of 5 manipulated airtubes, that rise and fall in regular
intervals. Their external appearance is adapted to the surface of
birches. With this obvious fake trees and their steady and unnatural
up and down movement, we want to point out the worldwide
intervention of humans in a natural cycle, which opposes with
their own economically motivation.
Trees are cut down, reforestation follows, then they are cut down again, then they are again reforested, then they are cut down again, etc.
With this installation we would like to question this cycle and ask whether the forest manipulated by humans is still an attractive functioning habitat and what consequences result from it in the long term.


Public space, Neeruti, Estland // Kaunas, Latvia