“Fragile” was made during an Artist Residency on Pico Island on the Acores. We were invited to realize this work in the sculptural garden at Nu`vem organised by “Freesam”.
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“Fragile” is a project that in an abstracted form resembles a row of dominoes that seems to stand still the moment they fall over.
It immediately provoke the expectation that another one would have to fall at any moment.
The non-fulfillment of this expectation, the break with the usual perception of time and the fragile pause raises questions as to whether the implied sequence of events is decelerated, presented (in slow motion) and the timeline extends to months, years, decades or even millennia…?
With fragile they would like to invite visitors to relate to the natural environment and their own perception of time in relation to the fragility of the ecosystem and to see fragile as a symbol of awareness of one’s own actions, which are not always immediately apparent, but nevertheless have a direct impact on the ecosystem.


Pico Island, Azores